Fourteen Years? Wow!

It’s hard to believe, but my first book was released fourteen years ago. I was extremely new to the writing thing, and my publisher, Renaissance Alliance Publishing, was almost as green. We learned a lot together, including how big two books crammed together could be. Ha!

Destiny’s Crossing was the result of my first two stories, Destiny’s Bridge & Faith’s Crossing, being put together under one cover. The editors at the time thought that the stories were too short to be on their own, and suggested a double-book. Wow, was that a monster! Four hundred and eighty-eight pages, in fact.

First edition of Destiny's Crossing.

First edition of Destiny’s Crossing.

reprint of Destiny's Crossing

reprint of Destiny’s Crossing

After a reprint that was still huge, we decided that it would be best to split the two books back into their original form. Destiny’s Bridge and Faith’s Crossing came out in 2003. Lex & Amanda haven’t quit chatting to me yet, even after all these years.

Next month will be their ninth appearance in print. I had fully planned on ending their tale in book five, Strength of the Heart, but they had other ideas. While I rarely plan on sequels, they just seem to happen. I learned long ago to “never say never,” where they are involved. They tend to make a liar out of me.

**This post has been altered due to the fact that I’m a writer, not a mathematician. And I’m on meds…not that it helps. LOL

2 thoughts on “Fourteen Years? Wow!

  1. I’m quite glad you didn’t stop after Strength of the Heart, and I’m looking forward to June 10th!!! I just re-read the whole series so that everything is fresh in my mind. Can’t wait!

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